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Related article: Date: Sun, 23 May 2010 00:56:57 +0100 From: TedGay Subject: Chav Community Service - Part 2Gary the king of the chavs on his Southeast London council estate was doing Community Service along with his chav/scally mates, who all had strings of ASBOs and were always falling foul of the law. Gary seduced an old age pensioner he was visiting as part of his Community Service. Alf was an old queen in his 60s preteen movie index and of course couldn't resist 18-year old Gary's well-fit scally bod, and paid him well for his services. The following week Gary brought some of his scally mates round to Alf's gaff, and all six teenage chavs gave Alf a half hour of pure scally filth. He was fucked silly, spunked and pissed on, and swallowed a load of chav spunk and piss too. They made him pay thru sexy preteens seduce the nose for it of course, and he is now on their regular asian preteens girls client list, along with other gay men, young and old, in the area. The Community Service these scallies were directed into only alerted them to the potential fun and money to be had from a life 'on the game'.But it was not all prostituting their well-fit young bodies for money, the gang were up-for-it all the time. Many times they cornered young guys visiting the estate in the lifts or in lonely corridors and seduced them. Girls as well of course, Gary and his gang would fuck anything human that moved, for money if they were over a certain age, or just for fun if they were young and fotos preteens porn fit. They didn't have to resort to rape, they got plenty of willing action just because of their well-fit bodies and their art preteen site link of seduction. The lifts on the estate were always covered in spunk where Gary and his chavs had been having fun with each other, or some late teens/early twenties visitor or resident.One Bank Holiday weekend a traveling fair was operating on a common near Gary's council estate. As part of their Community Service they were sent to help out with the rides, etc., supervised by the amusement park regulars. It was thought this experience might lead to permanent jobs with the traveling fair, and alt preteen girls indeed the operators had promised jobs to any of the chavs who showed promise.They fotos preteens porn certainly didn't lack initiative or imagination, though this perhaps wasn't what the fairground operators and Community Service organizers had in mind. Take the Tunnel of Love ride, for instance. A kind of ghost-train with a romantic totally preteens nude rather than a scary theme, Gary's gang having earned the respect of the fairground operators the day before on various rides, were allowed to run this Tunnel of Love ride unsupervised for the day. It was a great success. Always popular with young lovers who snogged in the dark during the ride, now the lines to go on the ride were four times as long. Word had spread round the fair quickly that this ride was far more exciting than usual.The chavs had turned the ride into an Orgy Ride. The wax models preteen teenage pics of romantic couples had been removed, and replaced with real live scallies in various states of undress. Gary's gang, fearing women would report the obscenities inside to the authorities, had put up a notice saying: 'Men Only Today'. The fairground operators had given permission when Gary said they asian preteens girls wanted to spice up the exhibits a little, but that it would be for lads only.'Spice up' was a considerable understatement. This is what I saw and experienced when I went on the ride. I handed over my ride tokens, and sat in an empty car, but a fit young scally climbed in next to me, reeking of Tommy Hilfiger body spray. He was one of Gary's gang, and turned to me and said: 'OK make, ready for some fun?' I'm only 21 myself, so am always horny. 'Yeah, but I guess it's just a load of moving waxworks and things, nothing to get too excited about,' I said.The car set off thru the doors into the darkness, and immediately the well-fit chav next to me started groping my cock thru my pants. 'Getting randy mate?' he said in the darkness, 'I fuckin' am - 'ere cop a feel of this!' He preteens nature issue grabbed my hand and placed preteen pusey it over his crotch, where I felt a huge scally erection, oozing pre-cum thru his trackies. It was all slimy with his pre-cum juices.We rounded a corner and saw the first tableau, a reproduction of the back rows of a cinema. In the rows were scallies jerking each other off. Some were giving each other blow-jobs. The car stopped at this point, and the chav next to me in the car said: 'Get out, mate, let's join in the fun. I'm Jason blud, known as Jason Jism cos I spunk pints!'We climbed out of the car, and two other guys took our place. Their car started moving on to the next tableau, while Jason and I sat down in the 'cinema' seats between two other members of Gary's Scally-boy gang. Seconds later the one to my left, who I'd seen just giving another teenage chav a blow-job, was snogging me, his lips still covered in scally cum, while Jason now had my cock right out and was wanking it. He was being given a blow-job by the scally to his right. The combination of being snogged by a well-fit chav with his mouth full of some other scally's hot spunk which was quickly transferred into upskirt preteens pics my mouth, and being wanked by Jason almost made me cum. I restrained myself, because I wanted this erotic, filthy experience to last as long as it could..I heard Jason moan in ecstasy as he started to orgasm. I actually saw the spunk spurting into the scally's mouth, and Jason's cum running back down his cock. 'Oh yeah, that was fuckin' sick! I pumped gallons into 'is mouth, blud!' Jason said, still wanking my cock. ''Ere, give me mate a pre teen uncensored taste of me fuckin' fit load!' Jason said to the scally who'd just sucked him off.The tall, blond scally, his face and mouth covered in thick spunk, leaned right over Jason and snowballed me, transferring all Jason's hot sweet spunk into my own mouth. ''Ow d'ya like the taste of me chav orgasm, blud?' said Jason. 'Fuckin' wicked innit?'I swallowed down the thick sweet Jason sperm, and said it tasted great. The chav who'd just given Jason a blow-job and snowballed me, then asked me if I was ready for some more fun, and of course I said I was. So leaving Jason having amatuer preteen porn a rest in the 'cinema' seats, the tall blond chav and myself climbed into an empty car (two guys had just got out to join in the 'cinema' orgy), and we moved on to the next tableau.The chav next to me also played with my cock as we sat in the car, and I felt his thru his trackies - a 10" monster I was to get to know much better soon! The car turned a corner, and stopped at the next tableau, which was a four-poster bed in a bedroom. On and around the bed were about 20 guys, including some of Gary's scally gang and some of the fairground regulars, indulging in a mass gay orgy. Some were butt naked, some were in chav/scally sports gear, there was even a young guy in a pin-stripe suit, collar and tie who was being given a blow-job by a fit young scally. The young suited executive looked so obscene with a teenage chav sucking the cock protruding from his suit trousers, especially as his suit jacket around the lapels were covered in spunk. Obviously the young exec had just given someone a blow-job, and as I got out the car and looked closer I could see spunk was splattered on the young executive's face, and a big drop of white cum was hanging from his ear. A muscular fairground guy covered in machine oil and wearing a tight oil-stained t-shirt stood on the bed, and was wiping his massive cock. He saw me looking, and said: 'Yeah mate, I've just spunked all over that fuckin' office executive's face and suit. It was fuckin' great!'The muscular guy was in his early 30s, and looked really fit in all senses of the word, not just good-looking but with an athletic physique. I couldn't resist, the young exec was very handsome, so I went straight over to him (still being given a blow-job by the young scally) and licked the oil-covered fairground guy's spunk off his ear, then started licking the spunk off his face and suit. The young exec loved this, and started snogging me, and the teenage scally started sucking me off as well as the suited guy. As we snogged the young exec, who smelt of very expensive and seductive after-shave, started moaning and still snogging me, he came his load in the young scally's mouth. The scally immediately preteens nature issue started sucking me off again, his mouth full of the suited guy's orgasm. I don't know how I stopped myself cumming, but I did. It felt lovely though, being given a blow-job by a scally teenager with a mouthful of this handsome executive's spunk.The tall young blond chav who was with me in the car was fucking a guy in his forties I should think, quite good-looking. I could now see the huge cock belonging to the chav going in and out of the middle-aged guy's arse. He finished fucking the other guy and took the condom off, climbed on the bed and offered the monster cock to me to finish him off orally, I eagerly took it in my mouth as it was quite clean. The scally continued sucking me, the executive moved away to get in an empty car, and I had 10 inches of solid scally meat shoved down my gullet. It nearly choked me. I coughed and spluttered, but still the tall blond chav face-fucked me, then screamed; 'I'm fuckin' cummin' my load - take this lot of scally filth dahn yer gut, mate!'He shot pints of thick, hot cum into my mouth and down my throat. 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'Whenever I see you and your gang causing trouble on the streets, I'll just say "Service scum!" and you drop to your knees and suck me off then and there with your pretty lips, in front of all your mates,understand?''Y.. yes officer!' said the scally. 'Thank you sir!''OK, now clear off both of you or I'll have you arrested', said the policeman. 'It's only because I threatened to have the whole funfair moved on that this Gay Orgy Tunnel is allowed today. My staight police colleagues are bringing in a whole load of women hookers we've arrested later, and making them service them and any men who take the ride, for free. The tarts are only too willing to oblige to save appearing in court again. It's a great life being a cop, you can fuck who you want!'Well preteens ilegal nude I was well and truly fucked by the law, so was the 18-year old redhead's bestiality preteen mouth, but we both loved it.As I was climbing into the next car with the redheaded scally, I saw the police officer talking to Gary, the chav gangleader. I overheard the first part of the conversation before the car moved off towards the exit. 'Nice work, Gary! You've got some well-fit chavs in your gang. You have my permission to lingerie pics preteen carry on seducing anyone you like on the streets, so long as you arrange orgies like this for me and other bent coppers.''Any time, Phil,' said Gary. 'Come over my gaff later and I'll fuck your copper arse for you!'So the policeman took it as well as giving it, that's what our policemen should be versatile. Able to handle any situation that 'cums' along!